jQuerySF 2015

Jade Wang

Jade co-founded Sandstorm.io, an open source platform for personal servers, which recently raised $1.3M in seed funding after a successful crowdfunding campaign. Previously, she created and led the developer engagement program for open source web framework Meteor, and grew the community to over a hundred active meetup groups in cities all over the world in just under 2 years. She also founded Chez JJ, the network of live-work communities for hackers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Full Stack

Regency Ballroom

11:10 am


Sandstorm.io: one-click, deploy anywhere.

Ever wanted to try out an open source app but didn't want to spend an afternoon messing with config files? Made an internal app for your team? Or a hobby side project? It can be as easy to deploy as installing an app on your phone. In this session, I will live demo how to package a Meteor app for one-click deployment using Sandstorm.io, as well as how to make your app available to end users in the App Market.

Demo: https://demo.sandstorm.io