jQuerySF 2015

Mike Sherov

Mike is a Senior Software Engineer at Behance, from Plainview, New York. Mike is involved in bug fixing, testing, and code quality efforts across the jquery suite of projects. He focuses his efforts around the CSS/JS interactions and interacts with standards bodies and browser vendors to move the web forward.

AST / Build

Regency Ballroom

9:15 am


JavaScript Syntax Tree Demystified

The structure of any valid JavaScript program can be represented by a syntax tree. In this talk, we will cover the basics of syntax parsing process using Esprima and the popular abstract syntax tree format ESTree. Among other benefits, such a syntax tree can be used to perform any syntactical analysis on the code. This talk will continue to cover the use of Esprima in JSCS, a popular tool to check and enforce coding style for JavaScript program.