jQuerySF 2015


Speakers will deliver high utility talks, including tools and information attendees can immediately put into action

Talks will cover a wide variety of topics including: Popular Frameworks, Build Tools, Accessibility, and more.


Event design will focus on creating an inclusive welcoming atmosphere. We have made it a top priority to remove barriers that may hinder people from participating and getting value out of this event


The theme of this year’s conference is Rebirth and a celebration of new and old technologies and companies coming together to breathe new life into web development


These amazing people, all in one place.

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Rather than selling booths to the highest bidder we are going to be offering free booths and signage to free and open source projects from across the web.

We invite you to apply to take part in this unique opportunity. It will be a fantastic way to reach out to your community, as well as get direct feedback!

Apply via a Github Issue

We are quite aware that the web community is made of some of the most creative individuals on the planet. As part of the conference we will be curating a gallery of generative art that will be on display during the entire conference.

We are looking for static prints, generative displays, interactive installations, and any other ways in which you can think of harnessing the power of web technology to create a unique and engaging experience.

Submit a project as a Github Issue


The Regency Ballroom

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